Aquarium Energy Limited is registered in Nigeria to offer services and products in the up, down and midstream sectors of the Hydrocarbon industry at large and the Energy industry in particular. We have requisite permits and other related documentation from regulators to operate in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria, and sub Saharan Africa.
With operational base in Lagos Nigeria, and outpost in the United States of America, the company ventures in the up and down stream sector including activities like Crude Oil post-production services, and trade, Marine and logistic services, Process management for refining, importation, storage and distribution. Also, in the upstream sector for Engineering Procurement, Construction and Project management, we offer industrial and drilling fluids and support services in Piping and Piggin.

At AEL, these services are run as one integrated supply chain hub from start to finish. In Nigeria, we have active relationships with major consumers of Petroleum Products, which includes the independent marketers, Tank Farm owners and the Government. Aquarium Energy also has standing relationships with refineries in Europe and America, equipment suppliers and international traders. We are at present, developing our plans on our first modular refinery of 50,000bbls/d at the Niger Delta to help Nigeria improve on Petroleum Production. This also helped us close the supply chain loop for our downstream operations.

We are actively engaging the upstream sector with the provision of Rigs and Drilling services/early production system for the exploration, production and evacuation of crude oil from interested Asset Partners. We have established a technical partnership arrangement with AGRA Inc in the United States of America. We also have an international trade and finance contract with original equipment manufacturers in Europe and Asia. The Unique selling proposition of Aquarium Energy Limited is - ‘operational providence management of all our activities.’

Why Aquarium Energy Limited

  • Explorations en Productions
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

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