Hon. Ehime Ehijator Isibor: CEO AEL

He hails from Esan, Edo state in Nigeria, Africa. He was born into a Catholic family of five children. He attended new Eden Primary School in Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, Africa. He attended Sango High School to further his education. He graduated from the University of Ibadan with a law degree in 1992. For the last two decades, Mr. Isibor has built several successful companies as a Business Developer and Administrator. This includes Goshen Stream Oil Limited; Ehos Energy Limited; Ehos Green Aid Trust; Ehos Farm; AJ Productions and Ehos Constructions.

His work experience transcends the Construction and Energy Sector of the economy. His depth of understanding of Policy formulation and economics has enabled him provide solutions for a wide range of clientele, including Public and Private Sector. Hon. Isibor speaks three languages fluently and he is internationally travelled with business concerns in Europe, Asia, and America. As a venture capitalist he holds a couple of franchises internationally and he is reckoned as a brand builder by colleagues.

A social crusader, he is the founder of Green Aid Trust (NGO) which advocates for safer environment, community Health and renewable energy. Hon. Ehime Ehijator Isibor was awarded ‘Peace Ambassador’ because of his philanthropic contributions to communities in Niger Delta - Nigeria. The inauguration of the newly appointed Ambassador for the World Peace organized by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Nigeria, took place in Abuja, at the Peace Embassy on the 1st of June, 2013. The Global Day of Parents, a special day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate Parents world-wide, was also a highlight of the event. Hon. Ehime Ehijator Isibor was also nominated by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) based on his achievement in creating peace and stability in oil troubled regions and his dedicated support for the fight against malaria, a major problem in the society.

Hon. Ehime Ehijator Isibor is a humanitarian who takes empowering youths as a major priority through his foundations that provide humanitarian services to rural communities. He has helped many youths to secure jobs. He has contested elective office in a bid to serve his people better. Ehime is also active in the Nigerian entertainment industry due to his a profound interest for Nollywood in what started as an interest and hobby: As an Executive Producer, he has been and supported the entertainment for the past 15 years and has directed a couple movies which include award winning ‘blind justice’ produced in 2001, ‘love and affliction’ made in 2003 and others more. He is married and has children.

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