Mr. Cohen - Director AEL

He has 25 years of experience in the coordination and management of large multi-disciplinary environmental, geological and geophysical investigations; as well as ownership and management of several companies such as: National Resources Refinery – Lake Charles, Louisiana Crude Oil refining and distribution American Recovery, Inc. – Alhambra, California Recycling and processing of Organic chemicals American Labs, Inc. – Los Angeles, California Nationwide collection and recycling of Ethylene Glycol.

He has served as a project manager and principal investigator on a variety of projects related to construction and environmental studies in Houston, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and California also in countries and regions such as Uzbekistan, Siberia, Indonesia, Argentina, Nigeria and Afghanistan. In these capacities, He has been responsible for ensuring that all work conducted for both private and government clients meet technical, regulatory and financial requirements.

Mr. Cohen is currently the senior consultant and project manager with FIIRO, the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Science and Technology in Lagos, Nigeria assisting the Ministry to establish manufacturing of Titanium Dioxide. Site Remediation - Mr. Cohen has managed several site remediation projects involving soil excavation, hazardous material storage decontamination, bioremediation, in-situ groundwater oxidation, and vapor extraction.

Clients associated with these projects have included Caltrans, Newflo, University of California, General Foods, and many more. Mr. Cohen directs overall corporate strategy, capital projects finance, global trades, government contracts and strategic partnership with potential sovereign clients. Construction – Mr. Cohen has served as the Principal-in-charge of over 200 construction-related projects. Representative projects include design and construction of new fire sprinkler systems; removal and replacement of existing fire alarm valves and trim with new double back-flow preventers for all fire protection sprinkler systems risers in eight warehouses; construction of Gymnasiums at Schools; Site preparation, demolition, underground utilities, paving and grading; and installation of temporary underground utilities for City of Los Angeles.

He is an avid proponent of environmental conservation and sustainability in general and ocean farming and preservation of American rain forest Hawaii Islands in particular. Through his direct efforts and working with legislators in California he was instrumental in enactment of two environmental protection laws making Ethylene Glycol [Antifreeze ingredient] and used oil filters to be classified as hazardous material hence preventing them from entering landfills and waterways.

These laws have since been adopted by other states with great environmental results. Mr. Cohen is married and resides in Beverly Hills, California for the past 26 years with his wife and four children. At Aquarium Energy, he has brought a lot of experience to bear towards out vision of building a truly international brand with innovative solutions.

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