Business activities at Aquamarine Energy is divided into four key departments:

1. Tech, Marine and Logistics
2. Finance, Trade and Procurement
3. Human and Resource Management;
4. Safety, Risk, Research and Development

This departmental approach / categories are run in a seamless manner with an holistic approach to business management. Communication flow is decentralised to allow for objectivity between this departments and top management. At AEL, the operational guideline is Planning: no business grows or survives without one.

We also pride ourselves on highly skilled and experienced workforce and institutional partnership that works. The dedication our team brings to the table is commendable and duly rewarded as much as the drive and dexterity of leadership. The appropriate key word and incentive though is ‘proactive service’ as demanded and displayed by staffs. We practice, promote and preach result orientation as a people and a company.

Our work policy and ethics ensures safety and training for staffs across board. Quality management is enshrined in all company policy and statements of action and strictly adhered to. Notwithstanding, we keep on striving towards best and better practices for efficient service orientation.

We ensure that work and community relationships are maintained to allow for ease of doing business especially in climes like ours. Appreciating people, values and traditions is important for healthy operations and work environment. And it is always of utmost concern to us.

We anticipate and request for feedback from clients and community alike to enable us improve on our operations and develop on our service orientation. this is who we are and how we operate.

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