There is an Energy revolution that has been going on in Africa for over six decades. However, much of the needed narrative has been left relatively undebated as regards the positive exploitation and development of the much revered industry. Today, the sub-sectors within the industry, in most African countries are operated as a function of State Politics and international commodity exchange dynamics - this itself has become a key factor governing the running and regulation of the energy mix in Africa.

The major influence observed from foreign international oil and gas companies also plays a major role in re-defining and shaping the energy landscape. Today’s ‘energy economics made in Africa’ is a relative mix of best practices and domestic interests. In the ambiance of all this are several powerful individuals, local corporations and international companies making or striving towards economic meaning from the scenario. This is for the obvious reasons: the need for venture, potential for gains and resource control. ‘Resource control’ being the biggest challenge facing the energy sector in Africa.

For example, the energy sector in Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil and gas economy, is suffering challenges based on the call for resource control by indigenous regions. The truth is that the industry would have better outcomes with adequate restructuring as proposed by the Nigerian Petroleum Industry Bill; a functional Polity administration being promoted by relevant Agencies, but most importantly, the need for ‘sincerity of purpose.’ And like other oil countries in Africa, there is heavy economic dependence on oil while the economy struggles to adequately diversify. However, as a player in the African energy mix, we understand the nature of the industry and we are making roads in the sector. We are well positioned to deliver even in such clime, and the potentials are great. ’


Aquarium Energy Limited, AEL is an off-shoot of Ehos Energy Limited and Goshen Stream Oil Limited. AEL is an integration of the Upstream and Downstream activities from both companies over a period of two decades and the introduction of Mid-stream services based on the alignment with foreign technical Partners. The company was formed with the intention to fully integrate different but related energy services under one umbrella. Thus, bringing to life, a strong company capable of bridging the energy divide and aligning resources. It also aids a visionary approach to build a truly international brand with best practices, quality products, safety assurance and commendable services.

There is an aggressive drive towards energy research and acquisition of data to aid the development of energy market intelligence and business analysis which acts for us as a ‘system and operational guide’ at Aquarium Energy. For us, these activities are necessary for productive capacity enhancement. Our team has also done intensive study on production, sub services; offshore and marine/creek logistics planning and operations.

We developed a robust model that enables us overcome many challenges inherent in the system. The journey for us has not been easy, however, we are committed to growth and we work effectively with local and international communities. The future of energy exploitation in Africa may as well depend on the ability of stakeholders to activate a common ground that seeks the interest of all, while engendering efforts to sustain the environment.


Why Aquarium Energy Limited

We are one of the foremost oil and gas equity Facilitators/Mediators, with vast experience in the intervention and provision of shipping and marine services to the Nigerian oil and gas industry and all our global energy partners in the last 2 decades. The Company's versatility in rendering shipping and marine to it's various clients is as a result of the quality of it's manpower, facilities, and ability to meet the clients' expectations. We deploy cutting edge technology, using matching workforce to deliver superior products and services that meet international standard in marine, water and oil and gas industries which surpass customers expectations in the Upstream, Middlestream, and Downstream sectors.